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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Program 011, December 2008 - آزاد کراچی ریڈیو پروگرام شمار ۱۱ 

Program 11, closing out 2008 and ringing in 2009, has iFaqeer and Cemendtaur discussing

From this episode, we have moved to using the services of TalkShoe's Community Calling service to produce the podcast and Azad Karachi Radio is part of iFaqeer's Urdu Stream on that site.

This program is listed on the iTunes Music Store; just search on "Azad Karachi Radio"; or just "Urdu". And as always, you can also access the program in one of the following ways:
Formally speaking, Azad Karachi Radio is produced out of Silicon Valley and is a service of Azad South Asia, a collaborative media effort initiated by yours truly and Cemendtaur. You can reach the team at or leave comments on either this blog or at Azad Karachi Radio.

Again, please leave comments, feedback, suggestions, and other input by posting comments on our blog pages or via email at

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