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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Program 007, November 19, 2006 - آزاد کراچی ریڈیو پروگرام شمار ٧ 

Program 7 covers the US elections in some detail, discussing international implications, and some local issues. Cemendtaur then discusses the issue of provincial autonomy in Pakistan, and iFaqeer presents some more news from the world, around the Internet and the Urdu social scene.

The program mentions, amongst other things:
  • The Mushaira season for 2006-2007, most of which is organized by Aligarh Old Boys Associations.
  • Begum Nawazish Ali and diaspora netizens "discovering" the artist because of a BBC piece.
The audio file for directly downloading and listening to the seventh program is here.

This program is now listed on the iTunes Music Store; just search on "Azad Karachi Radio"; or just "Urdu". And as always, you can also access the program in one of the following ways:
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