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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Azad Karachi Radio Program 001, October 11, 2005 

Azad Karachi Radio is a new Podcast in Urdu. The first program of this PodCast introduces the new program and covers Hurricane Katrina, WikiPakistan, and the Quake in South Asia.

The audio file for directly downloading and listening to
the first program is here.

Websites mentioned include:
Please bear with us as we get a grip on the technical issues (and send suggestions!). You can subscribe to either the text version of this blog or the Podcast using the following URL/link:

Just copy and paste that address into the window or dialog of the software you use to subscribe to PodCasts (for example iTunes
Just copy and paste that address where the software you use to subscribe to PodCasts (for example
iTunes from Apple, iPodder, etc.) asks you to put addresses of Podcasts you are subscribing to manually.

Postscript: Users who would rather listen to Azad Karachi Radio as a stream (for example, if you don't want or can't download large mp3 files) should note that the program is also available for online listening via Yahoo!s new (Beta) Podcasting service at:


Blogger Danial said...

Thats good, let me download and listen to it then I will comment. By the way Why Azad Karachi?

2:41 PM  
Blogger Jheera said...

I think kuch moniker hoona chahiay Azad karachi kay saath, something similar to Tariq Aziz' 'dekhtee aakhoon soontay kanoo, aap koo ........ kaa salam phonchay'

5:33 PM  

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